Family life Ministries

                Family Life Ministries (FLM) has been working towards furthering God's kingdom for the last eight years. By God's blessings and led by the Spirit it is seeing manifold fruits of its labour (sowing the seed) over these years. The ministry has been able to make inroads in what was considered impregnable segments of the Indian society — the Orthodox and Upper Caste Hindus namely the Brahmans and the temple priests and also the Jain's, business communities like Punjabi and Sindhi communities.

            Today FLM is blessed in its work and the path it has chosen. It plans to further expand the scope of its ministry both in the geographical area and by even a more intense penetration of existing and potential areas. However, FLM realizes the magnitude of this task as also its present limitations in terms of resources — funds, manpower, infrastructure, organizational structure, systems, and procedures. But there is a firm belief that God is with us and He has provided so far and will do so in the future too. He will determine the pace and the reach of the work that He is doing through our ministry.


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B-202, Umang Winter Hills Society, Dwarka Mor,

New Delhi- 110059