House Church

An evangelical Christian congregation is independent of traditional denominations and mainly or originally meeting in the private houses of its members.

House churches are a biblical model and are “real” churches with a number of advantages. Just as there are many different flavours of ice cream, so churches come in many different flavours. While the house church may not appeal to everyone, they may be a wonderful alternative to reach and disciple new generations who are not familiar with or maybe uncomfortable in a traditional church setting.

  • It is a biblical model.

  • It is family-oriented; parents and children participate together as appropriate.

  • People more easily get to know one another in a small group.

  • Smaller groups can lead to increased accountability to each other.

  • Everyone participates and ministers so people grow in using their spiritual gifts.

  • Highly trained pastors are not required in order to lead large numbers of people.

  • There is no need for expensive, time-consuming programs.

  • House churches direct their finances toward evangelism, community service, or caring for one member’s needs instead of purchasing expensive buildings.

  • They are low profile and thus, better able to withstand persecution and oppression.

We at Family Life Ministries also believe that house churches are a better way to spread the Gospel in society. A focus on practices, not programs. Since they are by definition small, house churches don’t typically have “children’s programs” or “mission programs.” Although members have certain roles and responsibilities — like organizing a lesson for kids, or making phone calls for a workday — what organizes the community’s lives are their shared practices. Our house churches organize their activity around our five areas of discipleship: worship, devotion, compassion, justice and witness.


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